Cheng Shuk Yee. Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and Bachelor of Arts, Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. After 3 years of work as a product designer, Cheng began to like making “mountains and rivers” (a Chinese idiom for landscape). In 2008, she started the “Landscape Furniture” series, featuring useless furniture “copy” made by the artist to resemble a landscape familiar to all. Since then, her major exhibitions on “Landscape Furniture” had included “Swimming Pool” (2009) and “Gymnasium” (2010). Cheng believes “objects” are traces of human activity. Through meditating objects designed by others, the artist transforms them according to her feelings and experiences into a peculiar human landscape.



ACADEMIC BACKGROUND                                           

  Postgraduate student in Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  BA in Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  HONG KONG ARTISTS – 20 Portraits
Edited by Cordelia and Christoph Noe, Published by Verlag für moderne Kunst
  Hong Kong Eye: Hong Kong Contemporary Art
Edited by Serenella Ciclitira and Chang Tsong-Zung is published by Skira, and distributed worldwide by Thames and Hudson.
SOLO EXHIBITIONS                                                  

2016 Circle Exercise by Eastman Cheng
(HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Hong Kong 香港兆基創意書院,香港)
2015 Super Dots by Eastman Cheng
(Arts Project Gallery, PMQ, Hong Kong 藝途畫廊,香港)
2011 7 1/2ft Time Capsule-Works by Eastman Cheng
(OC Gallery, Olympian City 1, Hong Kong 奧海城OC藝廊,香港)
2010 Open Studio of Breathe Residency “Gymnasium”
(Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester 華人藝術中心,曼城)
2009 The Art of CUHK 09 Postgraduation Exhibition “Swimming Pool”
(Cheng Ming Building, the Chinese University of Hong Kong香港中文大學誠明館)
2006 Rubber Sculpture Series #3-Running Socks 手造襪子之大步走 + 擦膠雕塑系列三
(Mackie Study the AC Shop 阿麥書房別館)
2006 Thoughts-Artworks from Eastman Cheng 思前想後 ﹣鄭淑宜作品展
(Queen Elizabeth Hospital 伊利沙伯醫院)
2005 Eastman Hand-made Toys Exhibition 耳屎人手造玩具展
(W.E(studio), Wan Chai 灣仔)
2004 Rubberman 擦膠人型雕塑展
(a’ha Bar and Gallery, Central中環)
2000 Unreality Sense 虛感
(Hong Kong Visual Arts Center 香港視覺藝術中心)
SELECTED GROUP EXHIBTIONS                                       

2018 The Strangeness of her Narratives
(Rossi & Rossi, Hong Kong)
2018 Scenery of Dialogue- Artist in Hospital
(1a Space, Hong Kong)
2017 #ArtTravellers Exhibition Series I : Decoding Exotic Lands
(1/F Lobby, Trade and Industry Tower, Hong Kong 工業貿易大樓一樓大堂,香港)
2014 She Looks Blue by Cold Ears Factory
(Art Projects Gallery, PMQ, Hong Kong)
2013 孖媽的少女時代
(MY GALLERY, Hong Kong 香港)
2013 One day…

(Red Elation Gallery, Hong Kong 紅彩畫廊,香港)
2013 Fotanian Artists Studio Open Studios 2013

(Fotan, Hong Kong 火炭,香港)
2012 “ Desire” Sculptures and paintings by Eastman Cheng and Joey Leung Ka-yin

(Goethe-Gallery, Hong Kong 歌德,香港)
2012 Fotanian Artists Studio Open Studios 2012: Series of Hard and Sorft Sculpture - Cracking Creamy Face.Cotton Landscape
伙炭藝術家工作室開放日計劃2012: 又硬又軟雕塑系列之爆拆奶油臉.棉花景

(Fotan, Hong Kong 火炭,香港)
2011 Yau Ma Tei Cultural Celebration
(Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong 油麻地,香港)
2011 Asia Triennial Manchester 2011 Trail Programme Neesa Women’s Group – Firststep Showcase
(Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester 華人藝術中心,曼城)
2011 HK ART comics 2011

(Artist Commune, Hong Kong 藝術公社,香港)
2010 Touching Art: Louvre’s Sculptures in Movement

(Hong Kong Museum of Art 香港藝術館)
2010 Tasting Hong Kong 玩味香港
(Hong Kong International Airport, Terminal 2 香港國際機場二號客運大樓)
2010 Echo-Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial 2010 靜觀其變 - 香港雕塑雙年展2010
(Hui Gallery, the Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學許氏文化館)
2010 Alight 燈會
(Sin Sin Fine Art, Central, Hong Kong Sin Sin畫廊,中環,香港)
2009 Hiking Arte 臥遊
(K11 Shopping Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon K11購物商場,尖沙咀,九龍)
2009 Former Central School Envisioning Days 前中央書院遺址想創日
(Former Hollywood Road Police Quarters, 33 Aberdeen st., Central 前荷李活道警察宿舍,中環)
2008 The Art of CUHK 08 中大藝術08
(Cheng Ming Building, the Chinese University of Hong Kong香港中文大學誠明館)
2008 “the ART of unexpected MORE” wtc more x ante vojnovic Art Walk Exhibition 光影藝展行
(10/F Lobby, World Trade Center, Causeway Bay銅鑼灣世貿中心十樓功德林門外大堂)
2008 Eco Art Exhibition 環保藝術展
(The Arcade, Cyberport, Hong Kong 數碼港商場,香港)
2008 “unto good” Group Exhibition〈原是好的〉學生聯展
(New Asia Library, CUHK 香港中文大學新亞書院錢穆圖書館)
2008 Fotanian Artists Studio Open Studios 2008 伙炭藝術家工作室開放日計劃2008
(Fotan, Hong Kong 火炭,香港)
2007 Eggstravaganza Exhibition 蛋森林展覽
(2/F Lobby, Times Square 時代廣場二樓大堂)
2006 “Holiday Gifts” Group Show
(YY9 Gallery, Happy Valley跑馬地)
2006 “We Create as One” Exhibition
(Palace, AFTER SCHOOL Café, Videotage, Kubrick-bc)
2005 Crossing Path 過道
(YY9 Gallery, Happy Valley跑馬地)
2005 Too Art--Toy’s Story Exhibition 童玩童心
(Too Art, Hong Kong Arts Centre)
2004 The Art School Teacher and Student Joint Exhibition 藝術學院教師聯展
(Pao’s Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre 香港藝術中心包氏畫廊)
2003 抗煞狂想曲-SARS心情特展
(Kwang Hwa information & Culture Centre 光華新聞文化中心)
2003 "A time like this…" 〈這一刻……〉SARS回應展
(Pao’s Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre 香港藝術中心包氏畫廊)
2002 Hong Kong Art Month
(Art Scene China, Central)
2001 Hong Kong Art Month
(Art Scene China, Central)
2000 Test Tube Bear 試管小熊
(Admiralty MTR station 金鐘地鐵站大堂)
2000 “FINE” Graduation Exhibition of Fine Arts Department, CUHK
(West-wing Galleries Art Museum, CUHK 香港中文大學文物館展廳)
2000 “Fine Arts CUHK 2000” 〈中大藝術2000〉
(Cheng Ming Building, New Asia College 香港中文大學誠明館)
1999 “At seven days”〈第七日〉
(Artist Commune 藝術公社)
1999 “Three peoples”〈三人聯展〉
(Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, CUHK 香港中文大學郡逸夫堂)

2004 “Exhibition of Sovereign Annual Contemporary Asian Art Competition”
(Pacific Place 金鐘太古廣場)
2003 “Exhibition of Allen & Overy Art Collection” 〈安理國際律師事務所藝術收藏〉
(Allen & Overy 安理國際律師事務所)

2010 Breathe Residency Programme of Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester

2010 Flower Pots workshop with Neesa Women’s Group, Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester