Landscape beyond nature

With a new attempt and mixture of different materials, the artist created a brand-new format of landscape artworks. You may find pieces of colorful abstract designs in a distance, but when you look them closer, you will discover sceneries of mountains, running water and floating clouds. By bringing these extraordinary landscape artworks into the shopping mall, the artist hopes to brighten up and compete with the commodities by using the tranquility from Bonsai and wonderful colors from the artworks!


藝術家混合不同的物料,以新嘗試、新配搭的方式創作出不一樣的山水風景作 品。以一幅幅拼布遠看是七彩繽紛的抽象圖案,近看有山峰、流水、浮雲等, 就如盆景把仿如大自然的景色收納在一起!她將非一般山水畫帶進商場,讓大 家分享到盆景上的悠然舒暢和大自然的奇極奧妙,一同享受商舖以外的幻彩景 色,不比商品專美!

Growing 風起雲湧
Bonsai 盆景
Mixed media (Fabric, Sponge) 混合媒介(布料、海綿)
Dimension variable 200 cm x 150 cm x 20 cm