Flower Gathering

Flower Gathering 花聚
Hakka embroidered bands: 30cm (L) x 2.5m (W) x 5m (H), a set of four pieces.
Plants: Height from 50cm to 100cm. Around 100 pieces.
Venue: Yim Tin Tsai

Hakka embroidered band is the symbol of Hakka women, and also the only decoration appeared on the clothing of Hakka women. As a result of social development, the technique of weaving embroidered band has almost lost. The artist invited Ivy LAU Hoi-wai, the successor of Hakka embroidered band, together with a group of women to co-create this artwork which decorates the traditional Hakka village houses. The artwork emphasises the enlarged form of traditional weaving patterns to commemorate the technique and aesthetics of Hakkas, as well as epitomise the imagination of the daily activities of Hakka women in the old days.

Besides, the artist also invited non-islanders to create “plant sculptures” by using used clothes and bring them into Yim Tin Tsai. These “plant sculptures” are replanted and coexist with the original plants in Yim Tin Tsai, embracing each other and protecting this beautiful island together.