NMNT Vault

NMNT Vault
Installation with silk screen printing on canvas, luminous light, and counterfeit banknote workshop 
Dimensions variable
Commissioned by Para Site for ‘Minding the G(r)a(s)p’ exhibition

受 Para Site 藝術空間委託為「擱角覺」展覽製作

From ‘Minding the G(r)a(s)p’ catalogue P.43-44
The thousand-dollar note reference being used in this work was issued in 1977, the year I was born. The ‘Golden Cow’ is filled with British iconography including the British royal coat of arms and a golden lion on the reverse side. What struck me the most with the embroidered one-dollar coins were the Queen’s profile and the crowned lion. This British iconography could be found on the old thousand-dollar notes. We used to be proud of them. When they disappeared overnight I was hit with melancholy, as they symbolised the past for a generation of Hong Kong people. As for polka dots, they come from the British polka dot fabrics I saw during my residency in England. Why is it British? I cannot say for sure how, but it it different from the polka dots I have seen in Hong Kong. I find it interesting that such generic patterns can take on a local flavour, which means I can make a polka dot cloth with Hong Kong attributes. This is the origin of the polka dots in my work. I tried adding eyes to the dots, turning them into a modified version of the Japanese flag and one-dollar coins, attempting to add emotional elements to them. Now that there is the opportunity, why not add polka dots to banknotes!

節錄自 「擱角覺」場刊 P.56-57:


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